Our Desire

Our Heavenly Father has placed a burden in our hearts for the Japanese to come to know their Savior, the One who loved them enough to die for them. As each year passes, our passion grows stronger and stronger, longing for this nation to know the hope that lies within us. We are longing for them to know Jesus!

Our Team

This our team members change every year. We will usually be in Japan for the month of July and will be ministering in several cities. We will have the opportunity to work with churches, missionaries, high schools, universities, kindergartens and outreach events. We will be using our dance, testimonies, teaching, serving and relationship building to tell of Jesus' incredible love.

Disaster Relief

We knew the Lord was calling us back to Japan before the 2 devastating earthquakes struck Japan's Kumamoto Prefecture on the 14th and 16th of April, killing 67 people and damaging or destroying around 75,000 houses. The earthquakes caused the displacement of more than 180,000 people but many evacuees have now found places to stay, either with friends and relatives or in rented apartments. However, there are almost 10,000 people remaining in evacuation centers and many are in serious need of continued support.

Partnering with Local Churches in Japan

We have worked with many churches and missionaries in the disaster area, and our heart is breaking for this place that has become our second home. CMA had the honor of helping with relief work after the 2011 disaster in Northern Japan, and we asked the Lord to give us an opportunity to put our hands to work again - and He did! Will be serving this summer at a relief center, a church near the epicenter and a church in one of the hardest hit areas. We long to bring hope (JESUS) to the people of Japan.

Partner with Us

Please be in prayer for our team as we are preparing, planning and coordinating between Japan and the US. Pray that He would lead us to the places He wants us and that we would be used mightily for Him this summer! We also need prayer for our finances as each of our team members work to raise $2,700 each, (that is $8,100 total) plus we would like extra so that we can give to ministries in Japan. If you are interested in helping us financially or hearing more about the trip, you can talk with one of us, or email us at cma@magnifythelord.org or Donate Online.

2017 Mission Schedule

We have not confirmed any dates and locations as of January 2017. We are prayerfully considering all options and asking the Lord where He is calling us this year. This process takes some time and a lot of prayer. Please join us as we seek the Lord in planning our mission for this year.

Last year's schedule example

July 7th

Seinan Jo Jr High/High School - Dance/Testimony

July 8th

ASK (After School Club)

July 10th

Baiko Worship Service - 50 min Dance & Testimony - Baiko Worship Kids Service - 30min Dance - Testimony

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